Automatic Door Systems

Automatic Door Systems

  • 31.01.2022

Automatic door systems are sliding building systems that are used extensively in public and private buildings today because they provide security, health, ease of use and energy saving. These doors, also called photocell doors, are one of the biggest innovations that technology offers to human life. They are very useful and make life easier for areas with heavy human traffic such as hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and public buildings.

Dorin Door, as the leading Automatic Door systems supplier in the sector, offers modern solutions with special door systems developed for all businesses. Our smart door systems are designed and manufactured from long-lasting materials at the most affordable prices.  You can grow your business faster with automatic door systems that add value to your business and give your customers a better experience.

What is Automatic Door (Photocell Door)?

Sensor automatic doors are a door model that opens automatically when approached. An automatic door is a building element that ensures that entrances and exits are safe, more hygienic and comfortable. In addition, automatic door systems designed according to the needs of different businesses and opened with button, card and password systems are also used.

Photocell doors (Automatic Doors) used in many different areas such as hotels, sites, apartment entrances, workplaces, shopping centers, hospitals are preferred in places with high human traffic. Sensor automatic door is a system that detects you and opens automatically when you enter the radar range.

Automatic door systems can be used as inward or outward opening. There are also different types of automatic revolving doors, which are mostly used in hotels and shopping centers. Automatic door systems have a manual system that allows them to continue working in cases such as power outages.

As Dorin Kapı, we provide end-to-end service in automatic door systems. We determine the most accurate smart door system for your projects and fulfill installation and service services. The satisfaction of our customers working with us is always our priority.

Advantages of Using Automatic Door Systems

Automatic glass doors facilitate access to your building or workplace for the elderly or disabled, baby strollers, shopping carts, etc. It is the best option for your company to increase the accessibility of your business, avoid contact and also add elegance and professionalism to your business.

Automatic Doors are Energy Friendly

Automatic glass doors are an excellent investment as they open and close quickly when needed, saving considerable energy and ensuring optimal air conditioning in the premises. They are ideal for pharmacies, gas stations, shops and other public places, as well as all places with a high flow of people.

Automatic Doors Ensure Accessibility and Hygiene

Automatic doors that allow people to enter and exit by avoiding contact with the door are beneficial for health and hygiene. The system detects the presence of a radar on both sides of the door and activates the system, allowing open passage without the need to touch any buttons. In this way, it ensures that entrances and exits are more organized and comfortable.

Automatic Glass Doors Allow Light to Pass Through

Doors that open to the outside let in natural light. This sunlight makes the environment feel much more pleasant than artificial light and is environmentally friendly, which reduces energy costs. Also, in the case of an interior glass door, it allows light to pass from one room to another, creating a very attractive and practical space with less dark areas.

Automatic Glass Doors are Easy to Clean

Automatic glass doors are very easy to clean and incredibly durable. The glass will not corrode, rust or retain dust and dirt. Occasional wiping is the only maintenance required and they always give your premises or business a clean and elegant look.

Automatic Door Systems Strengthen Your Corporate Image

One of the biggest benefits of photocell sliding doors is that they add prestige and quality to the companies and places where they are used. In order to increase the reputation of your corporate brand, strengthen customer loyalty and strengthen your corporate image, you can take a great promotional and advertising opportunity by adding your logo on automatic glass doors. In addition, these doors, which are a great convenience for users, will also show the value you give to your customers.

Automatic Doors Provide Comfort to Your Customers

Aesthetics is a must for a business that wants to sell its products or services at a time when competition is fierce in all areas. To stay ahead of the competition, you also need to make your customer's life easier. Imagine a customer is out shopping and has a few packages and wants to enter your store. Your customers will be very pleased with the automatic entry without making any movement to open the door of your building.

Thanks to the photocells installed in automatic glass doors, they have the ability to open as soon as they detect people.  In addition, the motors they contain make this movement very fast, so your customer doesn't have to wait to get in.

Instead of the revolving doors that used to be used in hotels, which made it difficult to enter and exit, high-speed and comfortable automatic sliding doors are used. Thus, hotel customers do not have to wait at the door with their suitcases and belongings. They enter easily. Likewise, thanks to photocell door systems in hospitals and health centers, crowds of people are managed more regularly. Due to its advantages such as security and hygiene, the use of automatic door systems is common in these places.

Automatic Sliding Door Types

There are different types of automatic doors. Specifically, each type of automatic sliding door has specific features that make it better adapted to certain environments so that you can find the ideal door for your company or home.

Standard sliding automatic door: This type of automatic door offers the highest opening speed on the market. It is ideal for spaces with a lot of movement of people and goods. They are designed to have a visually elegant appearance. They also integrate perfectly into any environment.

Telescopic sliding automatic door: It is a type of automatic door that adapts to every environment. It is particularly recommended for small and narrow spaces as it offers the maximum possible opening in the minimum space.

Curved and semicircular automatic sliding door: It is a door with one or two moving wings that move radially, with a side or central opening. These doors adapt to every architectural space, thus combining comfort and security with an elegant aesthetic.

Dorin Door Offers Modern Solutions to Your Automatic Glass Door Needs

We offer the most useful and affordable automatic glass door solutions for all businesses. Tell us about your project and leave the rest to us. We are with you in the whole process from model selection to installation and service. Contact us now to benefit from our services and learn our prices!


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