Our EVO 100 model, which we produce with the product configuration of the leading manufacturers of the automatic door sector, is created with the EVO 100 processor and Kormas motor and the products produced by the best radar and sensor manufacturers in the industry.

Our products, which are indispensable brands in the retailing and health sector, are designed for intensive and long-term use and are preferred by corporate companies.

With the position selector alternatives we use in our product, the doors can be taken to fully open - fully closed - one way and half-open positions.

Our Photocell doors offer optional integrated operation, such as;

  • Electronic lock
  • Battery that allows the door to adjust in case of power outages
  • Color alternatives
  • Different glass options
  • All access control options

Technical information:

Country of Origin:Türkiye
Capacity: Unlimited run-time in a suitable installation and working environment
Manual Use: Opening with 5 kg pushing force in case of power outages
Power Consumption: It adapts to energy variations thanks to power regulator and minimized energy use with controlled power on and off.
Motor:24 Volt 100 Watt silent, brushed and long lasting
Opening and closing speed: Adjustable, 100 – 500 mms
Lock:Internal and external manual lock and optional electromechanical lock
Location Key:Optionally, fully opened-closed- one way- half opened functions
Operating Temperature: (between -20 and +50)
Sensor: It can be adjusted between 50 cm and -300 cm.
Safety Photocell: High-sensitivity point photocell
Mechanical Parts: PA-6 with special additives and Galvanized metal parts

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